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The Diamond Casino & Resort: Los Santos - Grand Opening Megathread

GTA Online's brand new Diamond Casino & Resort will be available July 23rd.

News & Information Directly from Rockstar

- GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort (Trailer)

- The Diamond Casino & Resort Grand Opening - July 23rd (Newswire)

[Casino Trailer]
Experience Excellence. The Diamond Casino & Resort opens for your enjoyment in the heart of Los Santos this Tuesday, July 23rd.

Opening Soon

[Casino Image]
The massive construction project on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard is nearing completion, radically changing the skyline of Los Santos forever. When the brand-new Diamond Casino & Resort opens its doors, one and all are welcome inside to play, or just to stay in the most luxurious residence in the entire state. More than just a place to let go of your inhibitions and your sense of the passage of time, The Diamond is the one-stop destination for quality entertainment, high-end living and a range of experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

The Casino

[Roulette Table Image]
If you're looking to dive into the action, the casino floor has a selection of activities to enjoy. Play against the house using Chips in Three Card Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. Slot Machines with a variety of prizes are also at your fingertips, while Inside Track offers a lounge to watch and cheer along with friends as the drama of virtual horse racing unfolds. Spin the Lucky Wheel in the lobby for chips, cash, and clothing or even the new Truffade Thrax supercar that can be found whirling on the podium during opening week. And be sure to check back each week to see what new high-end vehicle can be won. Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.
Guests looking to push the limits of high-end resort fashion can also choose from the carefully curated rotation of new clothing and accessories in the Casino Store.

The Penthouse

[Penthouse Image]
Sitting atop The Diamond is an oasis of luxury for those shopping for a lavish pied-à-terre or just a feature-laden property in which to entertain friends. The Master Penthouse that sits beside the Roof Terrace with infinity pool and stunning views entitles the owner to VIP Membership status including access to VIP Lounges, High-Limit tables, plus a range of special services via the Penthouse phone including aircraft and limousine services and more. Renovate your residence with several upgradeable floorplans including a private Spa with a round-the-clock personal stylist, a Bar and Party area perfect for hosting raging Member Parties and featuring private retro arcade games, and a Media Room to enjoy games of Don’t Cross the Line and contemporary Vinewood cinema like Meltdown and The Loneliest Robot In Great Britain. As an owner, you can select the Penthouse’s color palette and patterns, and cement a place among the LS nouveau riche with a range of modern art from the Casino Store – from refined portraiture to pop art and daring modern sculpture – that can all be moved and placed around your property.
With a Master Penthouse you’ll also become a member of The Diamond family, and the family business needs your attention. Help property owner Tao Cheng and The Diamond staff protect their investment from the clutches of a corrupt family of Texan petrochemical magnates in a series of all new co-operative missions. Each mission pays out special Awards for first-time completion and hosting the entire story thread will reward you with a highly coveted, brand-new vehicle free of charge. You can also pickup additional work and odd jobs to earn extra cash and chips with a quick phone call to the Diamond’s head of operations, Agatha Baker.

Twitch Prime

[Another Penthouse(?) Image]
As part of the Rockstar Games Social Club x Twitch Prime Benefits program, all GTA Online players who link their Social Club account with Twitch Prime and claim their Twitch Prime benefits by the end of day on July 19th will be able to purchase the Master Penthouse for free in the Diamond Casino & Resort, as well as receive GTA$1.25M and up to 15% extra GTA$ on purchases of Shark Cash Cards.
Visit Twitch Prime and sign up to receive these perks and more coming soon, and visit the Social Club Events page to keep up with all special events, bonuses, and more in GTA Online.

Stay Tuned

[New Supercar Image, presumably the Truffade Thrax]
Visit to see more details on what The Diamond has to offer, including Penthouse comforts, membership perks, and so much more.
We're also extending last week's bonuses through July 24th, so make the most of your time on the Stunt track – or contract as a Bodyguard/Associate on lucrative Business Battles, VIP Work, Sell Missions and more – and we'll see you at the grand opening.

Check out this website. Seriously. It's a real website and it will give you a fantastic "in-character" look at what the update will bring. This website is better designed and more attractive than some real businesses' websites, believe me.


[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Excellence

A Luxury Casino & Resort In The Heart Of Vinewood

You've heard the rumors. You want to believe them, and there's only one way to find out. Abandon your preconceptions. Let go of your inhibitions, your doubts, your sense of proportion, your credit rating. The rumors didn't begin to do it justice. Welcome to The Diamond. Grand Opening July 23.


[Imgur Mirror]

Casino and Resort Membership

The Diamond is everyone’s playground. Invest in a Standard Membership today and you’ll be a lifelong partner in our project to meaningfully raise the standard of living for the one percent.

VIP Membership

At The Diamond, there are members, and there are members. And if you want to be the latter, you’re only a penthouse key away from enjoying the kind of status that only systemic elitism can provide.
Experience Preeminence

Parking Garage

This is not merely a garage. It’s not merely a maximum security, subterranean storage unit. Think of it as an air-conditioned, custom-built, expertly curated museum, where our clients can admire each other’s collections in peace and comfort.
Experience Accidents


Step out of our front door, right into your front seat: our valets are available 24/7, and are trained to never to look in the trunk, never to open the glove compartment, and never to ask questions.
Experience Incontinence

Champagne Service

Our client code of conduct states that if any member is seen ordering a bottle of our finest champagne, spraying half of it over the most exclusive clientele in the state, and downing the rest straight from the bottle, our security teams are obliged to loudly applaud.
Experience Turbulence

Aircraft Concierge

Going up? Let our concierge service take care of all your pre-flight checks, so you can step right into the cockpit with the engine ready for takeoff.
Experience Maintenance

Cleaning Service

We recruit our housekeepers from the most respected crime scene cleanup teams in the state. There is no bodily fluid or potentially infectious material they can’t remove in the time it takes you to find an alibi.
Experience Convenience

Limousine Service

Leaving The Diamond can be a traumatic experience, but we know how to cushion the blow. Our resident guests can order a Diamond Limousine to take them almost anywhere in the state, free of charge.
Experience Irrelevance

Members Party

Why go to the party, when the party can come to you? If you’re one of our resident members, you only need to click your fingers and we’ll provide the drinks, the music, and the dozens of close personal friends.
Experience Flatulence

VIP Lounge

Available exclusively to our resident members, this is the inner sanctum of indulgence, the apex of affluence, the pinnacle of privilege, the high point of high society.
Experience Arrogance

High Limit Tables

Welcome to the grown-up table: resident guests are entitled to play in our high-limit suites.

The Penthouses

[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Residence

The Penthouses

A penthouse at The Diamond is not just a palace. It’s your palace. If you want a private spa, you can have it. Home cinema? Consider it done. Your own personal bar, private arcade cabinets, and office space? Just say the word: Diamond.
Experience Prominence

Master Bedroom

Silk sheets, fresh air bottled on the summit of Mount Chiliad, and round the clock access to the greatest roof terrace in Los Santos.
Experience Adolescence

Spare Bedroom

We all have that one friend. With a spare bedroom, they’ll have somewhere to crash that isn’t your bidet, and with access to their personal wardrobe they won’t have to keep borrowing your clothes.
Experience Fragrance

Spa Room

Your private spa comes with a round-the-clock personal stylist and a hot tub infused with extract of jojoba and a dissociative anesthetic.
Experience Interpretive Dance

Bar & Party Area

Why go to a night club, when a night club can come to you? The most exclusive venue in town is the one where you’re in charge of the guest list.
Experience Incompetence

Arcade Games

Time to dig out the high-waisted jeans and the fluorescent headband: Diamond Casinos have the exclusive rights to classic arcade games Invade and Persuade II and Street Crime: Gang Wars Edition.
Experience Correspondence


Sometimes you need to take care of your affairs, but there’s no reason you should have to leave the lap of luxury to do it. All of our offices come with a gun locker and a hidden safe as standard.

The Casino

[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Affluence

The Casino

Here, your dreams are reality, and your reality is a dream. Here, every whim can be satisfied, every fantasy fulfilled – no impulse control, no windows, no clocks, and no clearly labelled exits. Welcome to the Diamond standard.
Experience Eminence

Table Games

Don't be fooled. Roulette, blackjack, poker - at The Diamond, these aren't games. Every card dealt, every spin of the wheel, every polished quip, every gasp of the crowd, every delusion of grandeur: this is art.
Experience Overconfidence

Slot Machines

Here at The Diamond, we understand the fine art of the slot machine. We recognize the split-second reflexes, the years of research and training, the rock-solid intuition and the towering IQ that make a true master. That’s right. We’ve been waiting for you.
Experience Subservience

Inside Track

Horse racing is the sport of kings, and Inside Track is the only way to experience it – the drama, the majesty, the excitement, the perfectly simulated aroma of freshly cut turf and hot manure - all without leaving the comfort of a bespoke, air-conditioned suite.
Experience Tumescence

Lucky Wheel

Some people say that fortune favors the brave. Here at The Diamond, we’d rather say that destiny favors those with a full membership. Spin the wheel once a day, and you’re guaranteed a massive dose of self-importance every time.

Casino Store

[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Incontinence

Casino Store

Exclusive fashion. Unique designer artwork. There are some things in life that money can’t buy. But don’t fret. Our in-house store offers a rotating selection of tastefully curated items that can be purchased with Chips.



  • The newly renovated casino is located at the racetrack in east Vinewood Hills, by the highway. It is owned by Tao Cheng.
  • Brucie is making a return as a character in this update
  • In the casino you can play a number of games, including:
    • Three Card Poker
    • Blackjack
    • Roulette
    • Slot Machines
    • Retro Arcade Games (?)
  • There is a wheel you can spin once per day in order to earn prizes like RP, GTA$, discounts, clothing, and even high-end vehicles.
  • There is a horse-racing and betting component, although it is unclear if it is only simulated and interacted with via the "Inside Track" room of the casino, or if the horse racing actually takes place in the game world, instanced or not.
  • The casino has a penthouse/residential component to it. Owners of the Master Penthouse can upgrade their residence with a private spa, a bar and party area, and a media room. Residents will also be able to spend chips on art and collectibles at the Casino Store which can be used to decorate the penthouse.
  • As a penthouse resident, you will get access to the business aspect of the casino, requiring you to work with Cheng to prevent a rich Texan family from taking over the casino. In addition to this storyline, you can do side jobs for the casino to earn GTA$ and chips.
  • The casino has a store that accepts chips as payment. You can use the chips to buy collectibles and decorations for your penthouse as well as clothing and accessories.

If you think I should add something to the summary, please let me know in the comments.

Also, if there is any other detailed information I can include elsewhere, I'd love to hear it. Particularly in analyzing the videos and screenshots and identifying new cars, etc.

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Doki Doki Island

The Eyes Of Love
It’s that time of year again where the love and passion on Doki Doki Island runs wild! People from all over the seas come to this island to find their one true pleasure in life. Some people come for the world renowned love hotel called “Apaixonante”, known for their very professional workers of “love” that will fulfill your every needs while others travel to Red Rose Blvd., a huge shopping district filled with tons of different shops and cafes for you and you’re beloved to spend time in while eyeing the beautiful rows of bouquets lined down the streets. There even is a beautiful natural hot spring that is infused with “love energy”, making it appear pink! This place is a wonderland...Right?
“Where is Pan!!! He’s been gone for days!!!” Aphrodite angrily yells towards Freyja as she cowers in fear.
“People have been paying for his work but he’s not here to fulfill the role! He’s the only person that can do it too!!! If we lose him...we lose about 80% of our okama fanbase!!! This is bad!!!” Aphrodite shouts as she tugs her hair, pulling out large chunks of it.
“M-maybe y-yy-you can do it!” Freyja says covering up her face in fear of Aphrodite’s anger.
“Also, I cannot find Qetesh at all!!! She’s not even at the casino so where is she?!?!” Aphrodite slaps Freyja’s hands from her face, grabbing onto the collar of her shirt.
“If you’re gonna be a big useless freak...get out of my sight!!!” Aphrodite screams as her terrifying eyes stare into Freyja’s soul. Tears run down her eyes as Aphrodite drops her, giving her the chance to run away. Flopping herself onto her office chair, she rips open one of her drawers, revealing a stash of lollipops. Quickly grabbing her favorite flavor , cherry , she unwraps it and plops it into her mouth.
“Damn...This job gets too please...” Aphrodite mumbles, staring up into the ceiling as she kicks back upon her chair.

Special Landmarks:

The largest hotel on the Island, Apaixonante is a wonder straight out of a fairy tale. The Castle like Hotel is made from pink sandstone that is a trademark of Doki Doki Island. The luxurious hotel has over 500 guest rooms and 5 large halls for different events/gatherings. The main floor also includes many bars and restaurants for guests that are in the mood for socializing. One of the most popular features of the Hotel is the many theme rooms available for couples to enjoy. Some of the popular ones include themes such as Polynesian, Roman, Safari and Igloo rooms. However there are many more that are less publicly advertised like the Jail or Dungeon themed rooms. Each room is complete with a King sized bed, Jacuzzi tub and lovers package unique to each room’s theme.
This tourist hot spot for rest and relaxation is a delight for all the senses. From it’s immaculate parlor rooms to it’s awe inspiring private baths this hot spring resort has every comfort or treatment a couple could desire. Enjoy a variety of romantic packages that include Massages, Aromatherapy, Facials and more. Take a dip in a private or public bath fed from the Island’s natural hot springs, the naturally occurring minerals have dissolved to make the water naturally pink and is said to be infused with strong “Love Energy”.
Elegant boutiques line the covered galleries of the Red Rose Boulevard. These shops sell all manner of romantic gifts from the Luxury perfume shop Mon Amour to upscale jewelry boutique the Palace Royale. Chic nooks can be found in every corner of this place where even the cheapest miser or the richest playboy can find a suitable gift for their special someone. The roads are paved with rose coloured stones giving the Boulevard is flowery name.
The Golden Pair is the premier gambling house on Doki Doki Island, it offers hundreds of table games in separate gaming areas. Gaming options include blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, and various others. The most popular game on the Island is Doki Doki Poker, the game is played in pairs with the couples having to combine their cards to make the strongest set. For guests who prefer slot machines, there are more than 500 slot machines to choose from all themed to a romantic atmosphere. Even when the casino is busy, it's large enough that you never feel crowded. The chips are shaped in hearts with the colours denoting the value (Green is 100 Beli, Blue is 1,000 Beli, Pink is 10,000 Beli, Red is 100,000 Beli and Gold is 1 Million Beli.) There's also a romantic lounge with a wide range of performers that will never fail to set the mood. Couples can participate in the weekly Karaoke contest to win prizes. The owner of the Golden Pair Qetesh maintains order and keeps the peace at this establishment. She has trained the staff to fuel romantic endeavors while keeping a sharp eye out for trouble makers.
This Manor is the personal residence of Adonis, the owner of this island and one of the most mysterious individuals on the Island. The building is made of limestone with pink sandstone sculptures decorating the exterior. The entire estate is surrounded by a tall stone wall with elegant iron barbs hanging over the edge, making the only point of entrance the crystal gate located on it’s southern edge. The inside of the mansion is rumored to be even more extravagant than it’s exterior but, only those personally selected by Adonis can enter his personal paradise.
This uniquely heart shaped body of water is located near the Love Hotel “Apaixonante”. It is surrounded by ever-bloom sakura trees, which are a local variety that blooms year round. This gives the lake an atmosphere that is sure to warm the coldest of hearts. The dock nearby provides two person Swan boats available for rent at a very affordable price, which will assure a romantic voyage. Also unique to this lake is a species known as the Doki Doki Carp. This pink carp is attracted to the “love energy” from couples traveling in the boats, they say the truer and purer the love of the individuals the more carp will follow the boat. The current record for a newly wed couple is approximately 100 Carp however most romantic couples can only attract 10-20 of this sensitive animals.
Surrounding the Lover’s Lake is the Love Love Forest. This forest is full of ever-bloom sakura and is the ideal place for couples to get in touch with nature. The forest creatures have evolved over time to blend in with their surrounding and have all turned a pinkish color to better blend in with the sakura blossoms. A nightly event is held called the “Lovers Trial of Courage” where couples are paired off and have to navigate a spooky path by lantern. The spooky atmosphere allows the couple to get closer as they follow the markers to a cabin at the end of the trail. After the trial they can spend the night warm in the cozy cabins. The Okama Love nurse Pan is often found on in the Love Love Forest and has a habit of kidnapping any particularly attractive younger men off to his love den.
(OOC: Please enjoy yourself on this love filled island! You can enjoy all the beautiful landmarks on Doki Doki Island or maybe even tangle yourself in the love nurses’ fiascoes! Don't forget to tag TempNPC!!!)


Map of Doki Doki Island

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Las Vegas trip report (restaurant heavy)

I went on vacation to Las Vegas with my wife from July 2nd-7th. This was my 5th trip and our 3rd together. Here's my (excessively long) trip report:
This time we stayed at the Cosmopolitan, and we had a Terrace Studio Fountain View room. It was our first stay at Cosmo (I'd been to Wynn, Luxor, Aria Sky Suites, and Bellagio previously), and the hotel was great. I thought our room was nicer than the one we had at Bellagio last year and for a cheaper price (friend who is a travel agent got us a pretty good deal). Literally the only downside I can think of is not being able to listen to the fountain music on TV. We were in the Chelsea Tower (which is larger than Boulevard), and had a great balcony view.
Cosmo definitely attracts a younger crowd than some of the other casinos on the strip- lots of people in their 20s and 30s staying here. There are two main pools, one in each tower. When we went down to the Chelsea Pool around 11am on the 3rd, literally every seat was already taken. Note: Chelsea Tower is much larger than Boulevard, but its pool is much smaller. We hiked over to the Boulevard Pool and settled in. Great view looking over the strip with a livlier atmosphere than you'll find at the Bellagio's pools. Also worth noting the water is pretty shallow- no more than 4' deep. The most amusing part of our swimming experience was watching an Asian kid, probably 10 years old, swim all around the place, bumping in to every other group there, and saying hi. Seemed odd that he was basically on his own at that age, but he was clearly having a helluva time.
One of the best parts about Cosmo is its location- right in the center of the strip, which makes an easy walk to most of the other casinos. It has a great selection of restaurants (see below) and modern decor as well. One notable omission in my opinion is it doesn't have any shows/productions in house. The casino also doesn't have a poker room, but I didn't end up playing during this trip anyhow. Easy walk to the Bellagio or Aria poker rooms regardless.
Checkin to the hotel was very easy. Our flight got in to Vegas at about 8am on Sunday, so the room wasn't ready yet when we arrived. They took down all my info, and we left our bags with the bellhop. They sent a text message when the room was ready around noon, and they brought the bags up to our room. I used the online checkout on Friday morning. Easy peasy.
Side note- I'd never used Uber before this trip. Definitely recommend it for others in the same boat. Cheap/easy to use, and I liked riding with the average Uber driver more than the average cabbie. Each hotel has its own pickup/dropoff location for UbeLyft- just ask any employee, and they'll point you in the right direction. I never had to wait more than five minutes to get my ride.
The only show we saw on this trip was Ka at the MGM Grand. I'd pretty much recommend any Cirque du Soleil show on the strip- they're all pretty amazing. O at the Bellagio is probably my favorite, but Ka was great in its own right. Supposedly it's unique among Cirque shows in that it has a big storyline, but uh... I'd just say there's not much of one. Amusing moment before the show: I get a text message from my wife, who is sitting right next to me. "Am I sitting next to a drag queen?" I looked over. Yes, yes you are.
We also made a trip to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. I felt like the line for tickets was pretty absurdly long. I realized the reason for that when we got in- the whole aquarium was about half as big as I expected, so they needed to keep the flow of people in fairly slow. Having said that, the exhibits they did have were great, and there was no shortage of staff floating around to answer any questions you might have. Definitely a good spot to bring the family to in Vegas.
The biggest reason we love Vegas is the food. Yes, my wife and I are the annoying people who post pictures of thier food on Facebook. The great thing about Vegas is there's multiple restaurant for just about any cuisine you can imagine right on the strip.
Wicked Spoon Buffet at Cosmopolitan (7-2-17 brunch): I like to hit up a buffet once whenever I visit Vegas, and none have disappointed. These places definitely aren't the Golden Corral. Our flight got in pretty early Sunday, so stuffing ourselves at the buffet and having extra time before dinner seemed like a good idea. To start things off, I'm a sucker for an omelette station, so I grabbed a Denver style omelette. Added some cheesy hash brown casserole (one of the best things I had), and a verrine. I have no idea what a verrine is, but it was basically a shot glass filled with mashed avocado, grapefruit, and a bit of crab. Good stuff. Had I stopped here, I would have had a normal sized brunch by most people's standards. Of course the entire point of a Vegas buffet is getting full value by stuffing yourself so full you can't walk, so I made more trips.
Next up I grabbed a jerk chicken thigh, a few pieces of spicy tuna sushi, some house-made italian sausage, and yogurt/fruit. The jerk chicken was perfect in that after the first bite I thought- that's not that spicy. 3 bites in, I'm feeling it a bit. By the end, I'm chugging my coffee/juice.
Finally it was time for dessert. When I first visited Vegas back in 2005, my friend informed me that the #1 rule of Vegas buffets is that you must try the bread pudding. You are not supposed to question the reasoning behind the rule, nor are you supposed to debate whether it's necessary. You simply do it. Wicked Spoon featured a bourbon white chocolate bread pudding. It was good, but I wasn't sure what to make of it since it tasted more like butterscotch than bourbon to me. I also had half a mango danish and some little chocolate tart. I thought I was done at this point until my wife brought back some gelato. I couldn't sit there and watch her eat, so I ended up getting some coconut-lime gelato for myself. The selection is pretty ridiculous- about 18 flavors to choose from. After the gelato, I finally waved the white flag.
Picasso at Bellagio (7-2-17 dinner): We've been wanting to visit Picasso for a while now. I was going to book a reservation here for our honeymoon back in 2014, but as it turns out they typically take a 2 week vacation in July every year. We ran into the same problem last year, but they were open on Sunday the 2nd this time before closing. Finally, we had our chance.
Picasso is basically fancy-pants French fine dining at its best. If you've ever seen the movie Ocean's Eleven, the restaurant scene was filmed there. We were seated at a table next to the window with the Bellagio fountain outside, and my wife had a real Picasso painting above her shoulder. So uh... not bad. I wore a suit and tie, but you really don't need to- wear khakis and a nice shirt, and you'll fit in fine.
We both ordered from the four course prix fixe tasting menu. My goal when eating out at nice places is to get stuff I don't cook myself / haven't tried much before. First course I got the poached oysters. The dish was basically smooth, melt-in-your-mouth like butter. Next up was the foie gras. This was the second time I've foie gras, and I've decided it's just not my thing. I could tell it was prepared properly, but I just don't think it has much flavor. The rhubarb chutney on the side was good, though. For the entree, I had the roasted milk-fed veal chop. After the first bite I literally started laughing, basically thinking, "Where has this been all my life?" Literally one of the best things I've ever eaten. If I had to nitpick, it was cooked a touch rare for my liking. But it was amazing. I wanted a lighter dessert given how much food I'd stuffed myself with that day, so I got a pineapple tart with prickly pear sorbet. Almost too pretty to eat.
Picasso is definitely the type of restaurant you take your date to if you're wanting to impress them. I like Le Cirque a bit more based on my two trips there previously. Le Cirque is a much smaller restaurant, just feels like a more intimate setting, and the service seemed a little more personal. But really you can't go wrong either way. Also, it was a nice touch seeing the chef, Julian Serrano, as we left the restaurant.
China Poblano at Cosmopolitan (7-3-17 lunch): The best way to explain China Poblano is that it seems like one person wanted to start up a Mexican restaurant at Cosmo, one person wanted to start up a Chinese restaurant, and then some executive asked, "Why don't we have both?" There are literally two different kitchens in the same restaurant, and the food is served tapas style- dishes just come out one by one whenever they're ready.
We started off with the queso fundido for an appetizer- pretty standard stuff. I ordered two tacos from the Mexican menu, one taco suadero (brisket), one carnitas. The brisket was good, the carnitas was great. Because if eating a taco with pork rinds on it is wrong, then I don't want to be right. I decided to get Mongolian beef lettuce from the Chinese menu, because I remember reading an IAMA from a Chinese restaurant owner a while back who said that was one of the best things on the menu that people rarely ordered. And he was right. We skipped dessert since our stomachs were still half full from eating the day before.
Estiatorio Milos at Cosmopolitan (7-3-17 dinner): Milos is proof that food doesn't have to be fancy to be fantastic. They just use high-quality ingredients, use a simple preparation, and let the food do the talking. The neat part about this place is that they really don't have specific fish on the menu. Instead you walk up to the fish case, pick out the one you want, and let your server know how you want it prepared. And marvel at the produce while you're at it.
We ordered the tzatziki as an appetizer, and at first I wasn't going to take a picture of it since it's just tzatziki. And then I tasted it. And I decided it deserved a picture- the best I've ever had. Next up was a Greek salad which was ridiculously good. Those definitely aren't the tomatoes you buy at Kroger. We chose lithrini, which seemed like a generic white fish, for our entree. Pan-seared with lemon, capers, and herbs. Some basic potatoes and broccoli for our sides. Milos is one of our top recommendations for people visiting Vegas.
Milk Bar at Cosmopolitan (7-3-17 dessert): We skipped dessert at Milos because we wanted to try out the Milk Bar. I grabbed one of the much-hyped compost cookies, which I actually thought was nothing special, and a spiked chocolate malt milkshake. The shake was awesome. I ended up coming back later in the trip and got a spiked coffee shake as well. Not sure they're worth $12 apiece, but you're in Vegas, so what the hell.
Eiffel Tower Restaurant (7-4-17 lunch): My wife had put this on the list of places to visit a month ahead of time, so we ended up going here for lunch. You enter the restaurant by going up an elevator in the main floor of the casino, and the doors open to give you a nice view of the kitchen. I always like restaurants where you can see people work in an open kitchen, so I thought this was a nice touch. We had reservations for when the restaurant opened, so we managed to snag one of the best tables in the place with a great view of the strip. We started off with the cheese tray as an appetizer, which was most notable for the honeycomb. I think that's the first time I've ever had real honeycomb, and it was delicious. I decided to go brunch-ish for my meal and order the lobster eggs benedict, which was easily the best eggs benedict I've ever had. We shared a frozen strawberry souffle for dessert, and the best compliment I can give about this is that we immediately began looking up recipes to make our own when we got back to our hotel room. Overall a great meal, and I think we'll head back here for dinner during our next trip to Vegas.
Tetsu at Aria (7-4-17 dinner): I'd wanted to visit a Japanese steakhouse while in town (especially since the favorite place in my town was run down by new ownership and closed), and I was a little surprised to find there weren't many options. Tetsu is actually a sectioned off portion of the BarMasa restaurant in Aria, and you can order sushi from BarMasa's menu while there. Which I did. I'm far from a sushi connoisseur, but I thought it tasted like a standard salmon roll- good, but I wasn't blown away by it or anything.
As far as the hibachi grill itself goes, the first thing to note is that the chefs basically just prepare the food in front of you but don't put on any sort of show. So if you're wanting to impress the family with a flaming onion volcano and eggs juggled on a spatula, this isn't your place. It's about the food, and the food was fantastic. I had the whole lobster, which is every bit as good as it looks. The chili shrimp cilantro fried rice was as good as the lobster, and I had some brussels sprouts on the side. My wife got the fingerling potatoes as a more photogenic side dish to her chicken. They also serve prime A5 Japanese Ohmi beef, but I couldn't justify spending $132 on a 4 oz steak. We had chocolate sesame ice cream for dessert, and the sesame was actually a lot stronger than I thought it would be (might actually put some people off).
Of course one of the fun parts of eating at these places is talking to people seated with you at the table. One of the ladies next to us teased a server, trying to get his name badge, Harvey (definitely not his given name), since apparently a guy named Harvey founded the golf club she worked at. Even went so far as to summon the manager to see if she could get the badge, but ultimately she failed in her negotiations. Everyone at the table had a laugh about the situation.
Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay (7-5-17 lunch): We were looking for a lunch spot down on this end of the strip before heading to the aquarium, and the Burger Bar (actually located in a walkway between Mandalay Bay and Luxor) came recommended by several people. To start with, they had a great beer menu. I ordered the classic bacon cheeseburger with onion rings. Great burger, cooked perfectly. I know there are several excellent burger joints on the strip, so it's probably not worth making a special trip far out of your way to come here. It's a great option if you want a burger and are on the south end of the strip, though.
Lemongrass at Aria (7-5-17 dinner): Next up, some Thai food. We had some pot stickers for an appetizer, which I thought were pretty average. Nothing to stand out here from your average takeout in either taste or presentation. My wife decided to order some wonton soup to share, and I'm glad she did. It was freakin' amazing- easily the best part of the meal. I wanted something light for my meal, so I ordered the garlic and lime steamed cod. The surprised reaction of the waitress seemed to imply that nobody ever ordered that. It was good, but you better love lime if you get it.
As luck would have it, the one time we received poor (exceptionally slow) service on the trip was when we had our meal before a show. We had to skip dessert so that we could make it down to MGM Grand in time to see Ka.
Olives at Bellagio (7-6-17 lunch): We thought about hitting up Lago for lunch, but since we were headed to Sinatra for dinner we wanted to avoid back to back Italian. Olives had a nice deal on a 3 course prix fixe lunch menu, so we ordered from that. I had the Caesar salad to start, followed it up with fish and chips, and finished it off with tiramisu. A bit of an odd combo, but a good meal. Nothing exceptional. Great server, though.
Sinatra at Encore (7-6-17 dinner): Another place we'd wanted to visit on previous trips but never had a chance to. There's tons of Frank Sinatra themed memorabilia in the place, including a Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar as you walk in the door. I'd describe the place as lively but classy as hell- which is pretty much what you'd want when going to a Rat Pack themed place.
To start off with, I ordered an Old Fashioned. It's one of my favorite drinks to order because everyone does it differently, and you never know what you're going to get. Well, it was the best Old Fashioned I've had in my left. I meant to ask the waiter what type of boorbon they used, but ultimately forgot. We ended up sharing the estiva for an appetizer, which is basically a watermelon salad. I ordered the gnochetti for my entree, which tasted great, but the portion size kind of left me wondering where the rest of it was. We shared the panna cotta for dessert, which was as good as it looked.
Eggslut at Cosmopolitan (7-7-17 breakfast): Eggslut is a casual stand at Cosmo that pretty much sells egg sandwiches all day long. I had the Fairfax with bacon, which is pretty much what they're known for. I think the reason why it was such a great sandwich was they kept the eggs inside creamy, whereas most breakfast sandwiches have the eggs cooked hard as a rock. When you walk up to the place your first thought is- whoa! Only $8... finally a reasonably priced meal. And then you realize they charge $5 for a cup of coffee or orange juice, and you remember you're still in Vegas. Regardless, this place is a good stop for breakfast or a late night snack.
Overall a great trip. Can't wait to go back again and try some different places.
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100 Things to Do in Broward Before You Die. How Many have you done?

Recently the New Times printed the 100 Things to Do in Broward Before You Die. Here is the list in a convenient easy to read format. I think there are many things missing.
HELP ME MAKE OUR OWN REDDIT LIST Add your suggestions in the comments and we can compile our own list.
OR...just print this list and check them off one by one...
100 Things to Do in Broward Before You Die:
  1. Spend an entire Sunday Funday getting wasted on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Bonus: Get your caricature drawn by Mickey…
  2. Explore the Everglades.
  3. Take a moonlit turtle stroll. June and July through Museum of Discovery and Science
  4. Run for office.
  5. See the sirens. Wreck Bar at the Sharaton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel (formerly the Yankee Clipper) every Friday and Saturday at 6:30pm.
  6. Swap Shop till you drop.
  7. Ride the Jungle Queen.
  8. Moon the Jungle Queen
  9. Strip club tour!
  10. Go to dinner by boat. Water Taxi can take you to 15th Street Fisheries, Hyatt Regency Pier 66, Bahia Cabana, Shooters…
  11. Stand beneath the six-story-tall Rain Tree in Fort Lauderdale.
  12. Feed the tarpon at 15th Street Fisheries.
  13. Walk over the bridge on the 17th Street Causeway.
  14. Find the banana hammock of your dreams. (Enjoy the shops and restaurants of Wilton Manors.)
  15. Join Fort Lauderdale's Critical Mass. Meet on the last Friday of every month at War Memorial Auditorium at 7pm for a 14 mile route.
  16. See a real IMAX movie at the Museum of Discovery and Science.
  17. Take in a local movie and TV marathon. There's Something About Mary, Analyze This, Marley and Me, Dexter, The Glades, Rock of Ages, and Burn Notice — all have scenes filmed around here.
  18. Whack golf balls into the lake at Aqua Golf Range in Pembroke Park.
  19. Jump in the hot tub at Bahia Cabana.
  20. Visit a psychic.
  21. Hitchhike — by Jet Ski.
  22. Explore the arts! Young at Art Museum, the Museum of Art|Fort Lauderdale, the Girls' Club gallery, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FATVillage, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, and more!
  23. Take in the view at the top of the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six.
  24. Make friends with retired NFL stars or Jamaican reggae stars.
  25. Get your concealed weapons permit.
  26. Bike around the finger islands off Las Olas Boulevard.
  27. Check out the "World's Fastest Sport" at Dania Jai Alai.
  28. Play on an adult kickball team.
  29. Go night fishing.
  30. Experience the Bergeron Rodeo in Davie.
  31. Browse at Bob's News & Books.
  32. Find the wild monkeys behind the Motel 6 in Dania Beach.
  33. Host a hurricane party.
  34. Cycle Party down Las Olas.
  35. Play "Bitchy Bingo" with drag queens at Lips.
  36. Fulfill your freaky fantasies at Scary Mary's tricked-out dominatrix dungeon, Chamber 7.
  37. Drive like a local.
  38. Ride your horse to McDonald's. The whole ranch-style town of Davie has a Western theme, and the Micky D's has a hitching post outside.
  39. Flutter over to Butterfly World.
  40. Become a regular at PRL Café.
  41. Wakeboard at Ski Rixen.
  42. Bet on a horse named Tripod at Gulfstream Park.
  43. Catch a Fort Lauderdale Strikers game at Lockhart Stadium.
  44. Become a Zumba instructor.
  45. Try your luck at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood.
  46. Know your Native American history.
  47. Sample a flight of local brews at the Funky Buddha in Oakland Park.
  48. Enroll in Beer Academy. For $125, the six-week course at Riverside Market will teach you everything you need to know about homebrewing. For advanced beer nerds, there's Beer Grad School.
  49. Learn who Jaco Pastorius is.
  50. Eat fried chicken at Betty's Soul Food.
  51. Do a poker run to Key West with biker pals.
  52. Spend an entire day playing house at IKEA.
  53. Down an exquisite vegan meal at Sublime.
  54. Eat a burger at Le Tub.
  55. Walk around with the wild peacocks on Rose Drive in Fort Lauderdale.
  56. Lose hours in the Stonewall National Museum and Archives.
  57. Stargaze at Buehler Planetarium & Observatory. Public shows start at just $4.
  58. Ogle the future MMA stars at American Top Team.
  59. Ogle the male strippers at Le Bare.
  60. Enjoy a bottomless brunch at Tap 42.
  61. Make a boat friend and anchor at the sandbar at the mouth of the New River.
  62. Watch the Winterfest Boat Parade — from a boat.
  63. Dine in the Dark. Market 17's waiters wear night-vision goggles to bring your food in a completely blackened room, where you proceed to eat with your hands.
  64. Join a CSA (community-supported agriculture program).
  65. Subscribe to a local alternative news source. If you really want to know what's going on around here, stick your nose in Broward Times, the Homeless Voice, the South Florida Gay News, and/or
  66. Master stand-up paddleboarding or kitesurfing.
  67. Tour Fort Lauderdale — by gondola.
  68. Spend Record Store Day at Radio-Active Records. (Every April)
  69. Get naked! Check in at the Rooftop Resort, where it's clothing-optional. Couples day passes cost $40 on weekends. You can't unsee anything later, but that's the experience!
  70. Camp out at Markham Park.
  71. Switch the dial to pirate radio.
  72. See the spiders at Secret Woods.
  73. Go-kart at Boomers! in Dania Beach.
  74. Smoke cigars and hunt cougars at Blue Martini.
  75. Catch a Splatter-Rama double feature. Indie movie theater Cinema Paradiso sometimes shows underground horror flicks like The Toxic Avenger and Street Trash, plus other cool flicks year-round.
  76. Find love at a "nerds singles mixer." If you're coupled up already, then just browse the wares at Tate's Comics and its upstairs Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery.
  77. Cycle at the velodrome. Ride on the steeply banked oval track at Brian Piccolo Park — one of only three in the southeastern U.S.
  78. Hang with the witches.
  79. Learn to cook iguana tacos.
  80. Crash a party at Rick Ross' mansion.
  81. Unwind with a spa day at a gay bathhouse.
  82. Do a brown bag winetasting at d.b.a./cafe. Wednesdays starting at 6:30, bottles of wines are poured from paper bags and diners try to guess the vintage.
  83. Tailgate from 8 a.m. at the KISS Country Chili Cookoff in January.
  84. Jump off a diving board at the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex.
  85. Fly kites atop the hills of Vista View Park.
  86. See a show at Culture Room.
  87. Run through the fountain at Hollywood Arts Park (preferably clothed).
  88. Take Tri-Rail .
  89. Ride the bull at one of the Cowboys Saloon's Ladies Nights, every Wednesday and Friday.
  90. See a Florida Panthers hockey game at BB&T Center in Sunrise.
  91. 3 a.m. breakfast at Lester's Diner on State Road 84.
  92. Volunteer.
  93. Have a Halloween adventure at the Howling Hammock at Birch State Park.
  94. Prancercise!
  95. Boogie down at Adult Skate night Thursdays at Galaxy Skateway in Davie.
  96. Grill your own beef tongue.
  97. Watch fire-dancers at Mai-Kai.
  98. Sunday Jazz Brunch at Riverwalk.
  99. Play hardcourt bike polo. At Fort Lauderdale's Holiday Park, players meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m.
  100. Watch the cruise ships slide in and out of Port Everglades.
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The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (7/31/16)

· 1. Antioch police locate man injured in car crash 12 hours after incident following tip from friend (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 2. Oak Grove School in Green Oaks to open Aug. 19 after 5-year, $14.1 million renovation (Daily Herald)
· 3. Saturday (July 23) storms cause extensive flooding in northern suburbs (WGN TV)
· 4. Winnetka residents want village to resolve problems causing flooding (CBS 2)
· 5. Lightning-sparked fire at Skokie apartment building displaces tenants in two units (CBS 2)
· 6. Windy City Bulls unveil new basketball court, logo at Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates (Daily Herald)
· 7. Lisle-based Respite Endowment Organization expanding services to help parents of adults with disabilities (Daily Herald)
· 8. Sunnybrook School District 171 hires new principal for Heritage Middle School (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 9. Lansing Elementary School District 158 authorizes $200,000 purchase of technology (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 9. Porter County Sheriff's Department, production company film dramatized active-shooter situation at Portage High School for instructional video (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 10. Longtime Crown Point tea spot, Tiffany's Tea Room, to reopen in downtown Highland (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 11. Portage Christian School to break ground for 10,700-square-foot addition (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 12. Golf courses in the area have tried video gaming, with mixed outcomes (Chicago Sun-Times/Better Government Association)
· 13. Volo Bog State Natural Area celebrates International Bog Day (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 14. Six New Yorkers charged in 'organized criminal enterprise' to defraud Apple store in Deer Park (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 15. Buffalo Grove teen killed when driver of the car she was in runs stop sign, gets struck by semi truck in Richmond Township (McHenry County) (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 16. Survivor, A Flock of Seagulls, John Waite to perform Oct. 29, at Waukegan's Genesee Theatre (Daily Herald)
· 17. After her car being struck from behind in Long Grove, driver leaves scene, crashes into four other vehicles in Buffalo Grove (Daily Herald)
· 18. Carpentersville, firefighters union reach agreement on contract running through 2019 (Daily Herald)
· 19. Lombard man sentenced to 4 years in prison, boot camp for stealing $4,000 in cash and merchandise from Schaumburg businesses (Daily Herald)
· 20. Two men end up in Des Plaines River after the car they were in crashed through a guard rail on River Road in Schiller Park (Chicago Tribune)
· 21. Oswego woman suffers broken nose in road-rage incident on Aurora's northwest side (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 22. Wheaton man Tasered after creating disturbance during child-custody hearing at DuPage County Courthouse (Daily Herald)
· 23. Carol Stream firefighters, fire district tentatively agree to 3-year contract (Daily Herald)
· 24. Oakbrook Terrace-based Redbox's parent company, Washington-based Outerwall Inc., to merge with New York investment group (Daily Herald)
· 25. Researchers looking into Zika virus protein makeup at Lemont-based Argonne National Laboratory (WGN TV)
· 26. New York-based real-estate group buys Homewood's Washington Park Plaza for $32 million, averting loan default (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 27. Person shot to death in 2000 block of McKinley Street in Gary (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 28. Northwest Indiana charity makes dream come true for 5-year-old with sickle-cell disease (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 29. Lake County investigates St. John Township Assessor's Office in wake of assessor's resignation who made 'offensive' comments to staff (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 30. Hobart faces refunding $414,000 if tax-assessment appeals by big-box stores are successful (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 31. Aggressive Michigan driver blamed for chain-reaction crash on I-94 near LaPorte that sent four people to the hospital (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 32. Valparaiso woman charged with stealing rabbit from Porter County Fair after tweeting about its 'rescue' (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 33. Valparaiso officials express interest in downtown water feature (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 34. Man stabbed to death outside Zion gas station (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 35. Evanston man charged with filming underage girl in shower at his home (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 36. Community High School District 128 unveils $98.3 million budget, which includes $8 million for new swimming pool at Libertyville High and second gym at Vernon Hills High (Daily Herald)
· 37. Gurnee-based Lake County Children's Advocacy Center breaks ground for new healing garden (Daily Herald)
· 38. Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce director dies from lung cancer at 68 (Daily Herald)
· 39. Orbit Skate Center in Palatine seeks to raise $85,000 to fix wooden roller-rink floor warped by flooding (Daily Herald)
· 40. Barrington Hills native to perform in Cirque du Soleil show 'Toruk' from Aug. 3-7 in Chicago (Daily Herald)
· 41. Stormwater blamed for partial building collapse that has closed Palatine 7-Eleven (Daily Herald)
· 42. Schaumburg toddler with aplastic anemia gets life-saving bone-marrow transplant (NBC 5)
· 43. Iowa boy killed, two people injured in rollover crash involving two vehicles on I-88 in North Aurora (FOX 32)
· 44. Glen Ellyn/Lombard wastewater treatment body seeks $16.72 million loan to replace aging, outdated equipment (Daily Herald)
· 45. City of St. Charles, park district, River Corridor Foundation to fund study for recreational uses of Fox River (Daily Herald)
· 46. Geneva City Council establishes TIF district, rejecting Geneva Unit School District 302 board's proposal for tax break (Daily Herald)
· 47. Cicero teen held on $800,000 bond for helping gunman fatally shoot aspiring rapper in Chicago (Chicago Tribune)
· 48. Lombard woman charged with aggravated battery, domestic battery after hitting, critically injuring her boyfriend with a car following an argument (Chicago Tribune)
· 49. Glen Ellyn Park District opts to pay off tax-backed loans rather than refinance them, meaning lower tax rate for property owners (Daily Herald)
· 50. Man in custody after punching another man in drive-through lane at Oak Lawn restaurant after driver accidentally pulled into exit (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 51. E-commerce giant Amazon to open third Illinois order-fulfillment center in Romeoville (Chicago Tribune)
· 52. [One year since developmentally disabled woman, 2-year-old nephew disappeared from Gary]( (ABC 7)
· 53. Hammond Redevelopment Commission OKs feasibility study for sports complex at former Woodmar Mall site (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 54. LaPorte landlord fined $14,625 for illegally bringing pesticide not registered for use in Indiana in from China, spraying apartments (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 55. Unemployment rate in Northwest Indiana rises to 6.1 percent in June (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 56. 10 people arrested for scheme using stolen credit card information to post bail at LaPorte County Jail (WBBM AM 780)
· 57. Gary man held in Cook County Jail on rape charges accused of sexual assault of cellmate (FOX 32)
· 58. Man suffers gunshot wound to head in Gary (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 59. Gary police investigate two armed robberies along McKinley Street, near scene of a recent homicide (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 60. U.S. Attorney's Office indicts 36 Latin Kings gang members in greater Chicago area on racketeering conspiracy and firearms charges (NBC 5)
· 61. Simon Cowell: Northbrook teen opera singer 'is why we made' 'America's Got Talent' (Chicago Tribune)
· 62. Mundelein sex offender sentenced to 8 years in prison for possession of child porn (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 63. Part-time firefighter charged with installing a video-recording device in shower to record another employee at the Northfield Fire Department (Chicago Tribune)
· 64. Students get education and pay in Youth Conservation Corps summer program in Lake County Forest Preserve District (Daily Herald)
· 65. Evanston High School graduate to compete for Nigeria in 2016 Olympic Games (CBS 2)
· 66. Zion cop shoots man who fled traffic stop, crashed into parked car and patrol car (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 66. Lawsuit claims staff of Niles senior-living facility allowed harassment of lesbian resident (Chicago Tribune/Niles Herald-Spectator)
· 67. Manager of Schaumburg-based Suburban Home Physicians sentenced to 6 years in jail, $15.6 million in restitution (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 68. Gilberts cancer survivor walks 40 miles in two days, partly for cancer research foundation (Daily Herald)
· 69. Barrington Village Board asks neighbors, developer to come up with compromise over disputed 21-townhouse development (Daily Herald)
· 70. Elgin man sentenced to 10 years in prison for aggravated battery with firearm, drug possession stemming from separate 2015 shooting, traffic stop (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 71. Crystal Lake woman held on $40,000 bond for stealing ex-roommate's PlayStation, pawning it (Daily Herald)
· 72. Coombs Road bridge in Elgin Township reopened after structural repairs completed (Daily Herald)
· 73. Barrington Area Council of Government plans private-well water testing on Oct. 5 (Daily Herald)
· 74. Two firefighters hospitalized after battling blaze at Crystal Lake Central High School (Daily Herald)
· 75. Eight-bedroom, 30,214-square-foot Moorish-style Burr Ridge mansion once known as 'Villa Taj' renamed, relisted for $10.25 million (Chicago Tribune)
· 76. Uber driver returns wallet containing $3,000 to Ukrainian immigrant staying with his sister in River Grove (ABC 7)
· 77. Chicago teen arrested in connection with 5 car thefts, 30 vehicle burglaries in Lombard (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 78. Former Quality Inn in Elk Grove Village reopens following renovation as Best Western O'Hare North/Elk Grove (Daily Herald)
· 79. Oak Park native, co-owner of Mars Inc. Forrest Mars Jr. passes away at 84 (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 80. Rockler Woodworking and Hardware opens in Bolingbrook, its second Illinois location (Daily Herald)
· 81. Orland Park police chief, who took a bullet for President Ronald Reagan, uncertain about wisdom of releasing assassin (CBS 2)
· 82. Cyclist struck, killed on Indiana 421 near Purdue North Central campus in Westville (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 83. East Chicago man indicted on drug-trafficking, firearm-possession charges (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 84. Woman, man found stabbed to death in Gary home (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 85. Five correctional officers suspended for 15 days after investigation shows a female inmate was placed with male inmates in medical wing of Lake County Jail (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 86. Bishop Noll Catholic High School hires alumna/teacher as new principal (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 87. Hammond, Hobart council members resign following judge's ruling against city employees also holding elective positions in same town (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 88. St. John resident chosen principal of Chicago's De La Salle Institute (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 89. Gary police get arrest warrant for parents of 3-year-old who died of dehydration, malnutrition on July 5 (FOX 32)
· 90. North Shore communities team up to battle sand drifts along Lake Michigan with help from Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 91. Mundelein ends 53-year ban on ice cream trucks on village streets (Daily Herald)
· 92. U.S. Secretary of Defense promotes new recruitment initiative, talks about transgender-personnel issues at Great Lakes Naval Center in North Chicago (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 93. Seventh suspect arrested in credit-card fraud scheme at Deer Park Apple store (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 94. Park Ridge residents react to possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming first female U.S. president (FOX 32)
· 95. Mount Prospect-based River Trails Elementary District 26 considers referendum to pay for new $29 million early-learning center (Daily Herald)
· 96. Streets flooded, trees uprooted in Palatine after afternoon storms (Daily Herald)
· 97. Carol Stream Village Board to vote on construction/renovation project that may require moving employees to temporary facility outside Village Hall (Daily Herald)
· 98. Naperville Running Company plans to open store in downtown Wheaton (Daily Herald)
· 99. Actor Harrison Ford takes Westchester teen on flight during Oshkosh, Wis., air show (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 100. Berwyn woman apparently struck by lightning while walking in Bolingbrook (CBS 2)
· 101. Man in court for DUI hearing now charged with aggravated battery, resisting arrest following fight, attempt to flee from Bridgeview courthouse (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 102. Homewood man killed in crash on I-80 in Lansing (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 103. Two bison calves born this week at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie near Wilmington (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 104. East Chicago city officials: Residents of West Calumet Housing Complex would be safer elsewhere, away from lead-contaminated soil (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 105. East Chicago police investigate two separate shootings that injured three people (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 106. Big Ten Conference finds new ticket vendor after federal fraud charges leveled against Lake Forest-based Forward Market Media (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 107. Highland Park woman charged with leaving 13-month-old child in hot car while shopping in Northbrook (CBS 2)
· 108. Illinois First Appellate Court dismisses Woodlawn Elementary District 50's lawsuit to shutter Grayslake charter school (Daily Herald)
· 109. Buffalo Grove heroin-overdose victim becomes namesake for national law to increase access to opioid-overdose rescue drug (Daily Herald)
· 110. Grand Victoria Casino, WTMX team up to bring Food Truck Fest to Elgin on Friday, Aug. 5 (Daily Herald)
· 111. Schaumburg resident challenges village over treehouse regulations, village's requirement that ash trees be removed (Daily Herald)
· 112. Rolling Meadows residents upset with proposal for former Dominick's property (Daily Herald)
· 113. Prospect High School graduate sues Northwest Suburban High School District 214, alleging he was bullied, harassed and unfairly punished by students, teachers because he's black (Daily Herald)
· 114. Rehab work begins on Lake in the Hills Airport runway, hangars (Daily Herald)
· 115. Elgin woman, sister, friends launch 'upscale club for adults' at former unemployment office location (Daily Herald)
· 116. Gail Borden Public Library opens South Elgin branch (Daily Herald)
· 117. St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 projecting $1 million budget surplus for 2016-17 budget year (Daily Herald)
· 118. DuPage Election Commission pulls Constitution Party candidate for County Board District 2 seat from ballot, citing problems with nominating petition (Daily Herald)
· 119. Aurora man given 6-year sentence in jail for selling drugs in parking lot near Aurora park (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 120. St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 begins testing its buildings for lead in water (Daily Herald)
· 121. West Chicago Elementary School District 33 to start mariachi-band program (Daily Herald)
· 122. Ex-Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson sentenced to additional 40 years in prison for attempting to hire hitman to kill Will County state's attorney (ABC 7)
· 123. Beecher-based Settlers Pond one of last places that cares for exotic, domestic animals (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 124. Lake County E-911 center director leaves post; deputy director to fill position (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 125. Man shot in lower body outside party near Hammond City Hall (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 126. Merrillville Board of Zoning Appeals sends proposed self-storage facility to Town Council with no recommendation (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 127. Gary police looking for shooting suspect after seizing guns, marijuana and cash from his home (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 128. East Chicago Housing Authority now seeking to demolish apartment complex where lead-contaminated dirt was found (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 129. Lake County Court House Foundation kicking Crown Point city court out of historic building (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 130. DuPage, Will, Grundy counties issue warrants for arrest of Joliet contractor, wanted for fraud, theft (ABC 7)
· 131. Denver cable startup Layer3 TV to roll out service throughout Chicago area by Labor Day (Chicago Tribune)
· 132. West, southwest suburbs, northwest Indiana see heavy rains, some localized flooding from Friday storms (NBC 5)
· 133. Highland Park begins 'pay as you throw' garbage collection where trash receptacles are scanned, no more garbage stickers needed (Daily Herald)
· 134. Philippine fast-food chain Jollibee opens first Midwest store in Skokie (NBC 5)
· 135. Big Timber Road, McLean Boulevard in Elgin closed because of large fire (Daily Herald)
· 136. Butera Market scheduled to open in Des Plaines in January, but owners couldn't work out lease deal to keep Caputo & Sons open until then (Daily Herald)
· 137. Glen Ellyn police seek man who groped a female pedestrian on a walking path near Hill Avenue (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 138. Man wearing surgical mask, cowboy hat robs TCF Bank branch in Glendale Heights (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 139. Armed robber wearing Darth Vader mask robs First American Bank in Geneva (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 140. Downers Grove Village Commissioner, College of DuPage Trustee David Olsen chosen to replace State Rep. Ronald Sandack, who resigned over 'Internet scam' (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 141. Tinley Park police search cornfield near village after arresting three people for call about attempted fraud at Sam's Club (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 142. Remains of Marine killed in Pacific during World War II buried in Blue Island (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 143. Homewood-Flossmoor High School District 223 won't explain principal's firing, but records show past conflicts with superintendent (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 144. Lansing police hope to build bridges with community through National Night Out on Tuesday, Aug. 2 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 145. South Holland still cleaning up after being hit hard in latest round of storms (WGN TV)
· 146. ArcelorMittal retirees hit by increased out-of-pocket payments for health care, prescriptions (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 147. BP to invest $12.5 million in new firefighting building at Hammond facility (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 148. Lake Station expecting 2017 budget to be $700,000 less than current fiscal year's (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 149. Portage buys, plans to demolish city's original fire station (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 150. Demolition of Crown Point Public Works building uncovers old underground tank (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 151. Twincade bar to bring blend of classic arcade games, craft beer to Griffith (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 152. Valparaiso native Jared Arambula named to U.S. Paralympic basketball team (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 153. Locked In brings escape game to real life in Crown Point (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 154. Hammond Board of Sanitary Commissioners preparing plan to combat sewer overflows from affecting residents' basements (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 155. Owner of Highland dog-grooming service upset that town won't let her locate to former hardware store, a site slated for arts-related business (Northwest Indiana Times)
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What's happening around town (Wed, Aug 12th - Tue, Aug 18th)

Tulsa's event list. Combined from 13 sources

Wednesday, Aug 12th

Thursday, Aug 13th

  • Movie in the Park (Guthrie Green) Start Time: 8:30pm
  • National Snaffle Bit Association World Show (Expo Square: Ford Truck Arena) Thru Sat, Aug 15th The National Snaffle Bit Association brings together horses and riders from all…
  • PBR OK Buck-Off (Guthrie Green) Start Time: 12:00pm
  • Robert Hawkins (Loony Bin) Thru Sat, Aug 15th
  • skeleton farm (The Soundpony Lounge) Start Time: 9:30pm
  • Tulsa ROUGHNECKS FC (ONEOK Field) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • Whitesnake - Hard Rock Casino (Hard Rock Hotel and Casino- The Joint) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Whitesnake in Concert (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Catoosa) Start Time: 8:00pm British rock group Whitesnake is headed to Tulsa's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for…

Friday, Aug 14th

Saturday, Aug 15th

  • An evening of all original music with Natve Strange 9pm LIVE (Gypsy Coffee House & Cyber Cafe) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Assimilation - Rebirth (The Vanguard) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Bryce Dicus Music (Kenosha Station - Broken Arrow) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Copperheads + Dead shakes + skin Crawler (The Soundpony Lounge) Start Time: 9:30pm
  • First Annual GOTR5K (Guthrie Green) The GOTR5K features three events: Timed 5K, Untimed 5K and 100-Yard Kids Dash.…
  • Golden Eagle Poker Run (Eufaula Cove - Eufaula) Test your luck at the Golden Eagle Run, Lake Eufaula's original poker run, and…
  • Grand American Arms Show (Expo Square: River Spirit Expo) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am Look for a great deal on a wide variety of weapons at the respected Grand American…
  • Grind Cd Release Party (The Shrine) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • I Am Yoga, Art & Music Festival (Veteran's Park) Day 1 of 2 Take part in a celebration of yoga, art and music at the I Am Yoga, Art & Music…
  • Keep Turkey Wild (United States) Half Marathon, 10K, 5K starting at the Turkey Mountain parking lot 68th/Elwood Ave.
  • National Snaffle Bit Association World Show (Expo Square: Ford Truck Arena) Last Day The National Snaffle Bit Association brings together horses and riders from all…
  • OK Champs Owl & Drum BG12-18 Jr Open (LaFortune Park) 1 day left Tournament ID #400017315 HOW TO REGISTER Copy the Tournament ID above, click here…
  • Ottawa County Free Fair (Miami Fairgrounds - Miami) Thru Sat, Aug 22nd Join thousands of festival-goers at this year's Ottawa County Free Fair in Miami.…
  • PBR (BOK Center) Day 2 of 2
  • Powwow of Champions (ORU Mabee Center) 1 day left The ORU Mabee Center in Tulsa will come alive in a colorful expression of dance,…
  • Professional Bull Riders Express Classic (BOK Center) Day 2 of 2 Grab your cowboy hat and head out to the Professional Bull Riders Express Classic…
  • Rise At Night (Electric Circus) Start Time: 7:00pm Rise At Night Second Annual Block Party Presented by Electric Circus Date:…
  • Riverside 5000 (Tulsa) 7:30am - Elite 5km with prize money. This is geared towards men under 17:00 and…
  • Robert Hawkins (Loony Bin) Last Day
  • Tahlequah Rock & Mineral Show (Tahlequah Community Building - Tahlequah) Day 2 of 2 The Tahlequah Rock & Mineral Show features 25 vendors displaying collections of…
  • Tulsa Flea Market (Expo Square: River Spirit Expo, Lower Level)
  • Tulsa ROUGHNECKS FC (ONEOK Field) Start Time: 6:30pm
  • Tyson Hen House Dirt Party (BOK Center) Start Time: 7:00pm The Hooves & Heels Ticket Package is a Standing room only, General Admission area…
  • Will Rogers & Wiley Post Fly-in (Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch - Oologah) Start Time: 8:30am Come watch more than 100 small aircraft fly-in and land on the 2,000-ft grass…
  • Will Rogers-Wiley Post Fly-In (East 380 Road, - Claremore) Start Time: 8:30am Fly-in at Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch in Oologah on Saturday, August 15, 2015,…

Sunday, Aug 16th

Monday, Aug 17th

  • Djed (The Soundpony Lounge) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Open Mic Night (Guthrie Green) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • Ottawa County Free Fair (Miami Fairgrounds - Miami) Thru Sat, Aug 22nd Join thousands of festival-goers at this year's Ottawa County Free Fair in Miami.…

Tuesday, Aug 18th

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Hollywood Park Casino (LA RAMS New 100million Dollar Building)

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